Importance of Digital Marketing

What is Digital Marketing

In hypothetical way, Digital marketing is the way of marketing or branding or promoting the product, services or oneself on multiple platforms that use internet as a way of navigation.

Manufacturers use it for promoting their products, Service providers use it for branding their services while any individual also uses it for branding themselves.

Without two basic infrastructure, Digital Marketing can not be done and these are:

  1. Internet or mode of transmission
  2. PC / Laptop / Mobile / Tablet etc, used for channelizing / creating useful content around promotion theme, may be a product, service or a human being

Traditional Marketing Vs Digital Marketing



Traditional Marketing uses face to face communication

Normally no face-to-face communication. It is done using multiple online platforms like social media, Online branding etc. It may use face to face communication too like Webinars but still it is not so common

Commercial Ads on Television, Newspapers, Hoardings etc

Uses Facebook, Google Ads like mediums for advertising

Printed Gifts, Accessories distributions to consumers / Showrooms

Online coupons

Commercial Ads- A costly affair

Advertising – Very cheap and controlled in budget

Can not judge about Sales impact from Commercial Ads

Its easy to get completed details of Sales Funnel at every stage when using Digital Marketing practices for marketing purpose

Cannot format strategies to target probable customers

Demography, target, time everything can be controlled about who can view commercial Ads

What is Inbound Marketing

Inbound Marketing is normally considered as Digital Marketing but this is not 100% correct statement. Inbound marketing only refers or consider or may have very specific marketing goal. How to convert probable customer into a sales lead.  This is Target or goal centric rather than main theme of Digital Marketing.

Basic purpose of Inbound marketing is any how provide the best possible content, information about the brand or services to customer using multiple online platforms. It is a pull type marketing strategy which influence probable customer to initiate the Action for closing the lead.

Importance of Digital Marketing

Importance of Digital Marketing over traditional marketing is because in modern age, Digital Marketing is the most cost-effective mode of marketing. It can be used by any level of Business, brand or service provider. Even some individual can also use it for his / her personal branding. Trends, viral, sensation etc. are it’s common terminology.

Some basic points to Understand Importance of Digital Marketing for better branding of Business

Digital Marketing is very cost effective

It has already been discussed, Digital Marketing is one of the cheapest but highly controlled method of Marketing, where campaign budget can be defined and controlled on day-to-day basis. If a is not working properly, any time marketer can change or amend the campaign. Here amount only gets deducted if probable prospect clicks the Advertisement. It means only one who is really interested in the product or services, will click the Adv link / image. Though audience are viewing the Ad but till someone does not click no amount will be deducted from campaign budget.

Digital Marketer can target specific prospect in more personal /friendly way

Here, it is very easy about to know who clicked the commercial Ad on any social media platform where Ad was launched. Now once detail of probable prospect is available, marketers can send them personalized e-mails, offers, coupons or any other gift voucher etc. Marketers can also send them help or support facilities to hit Call to Action. Once that prospect completes the Sales funnel by purchase of product or services, can again send some personalized emails to increase buyer lifecycle.

No meaning you are a well-established Brand or New one

Digital marketing relies on good content and not the budget one can spend. Here a low budget campaign can perform much higher way and generate more sales lead as compared to a big brand with poor content. Content is the God for all Online Marketing platforms

Better analysis can be done on Digital Marketing strategies

Using many good tools, performance of Online commercials / campaigns can be analyzed in more analytic and accurate way. Marketers have all the control to manage the campaign any time based on performance index of particular campaign. If particular keywords are not performing well for any campaign, campaign can be stopped or amend any time.

   Based on above mentioned facts, it is always suggested for better reach Online Branding of Products and Services is the best low budget solution for any Business.

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